Pet Boarding in Rush City, MN

Play While You Are Away

Whether you're going on vacation, moving, or want to give your pet a vacation, our local pet boarding facility in Rush City, MN has you covered. As pet lovers, we know how hard it is to be separated from your beloved pet.
At The Happy Hound Hotel, our goal is to provide exceptional care for your pet and make their stay with us enjoyable. Rest assured your pet will be comfortable, safe, and out to play while you're away.

Mariah Vessel

I absolutely love this place. I board my dog here every time we leave state. They have a Facebook page where they will post pictures of your dogs to which is really nice. The prices are affordable and it is also a family owned business which just makes it that much more lovable. They are very accommodating and helpful to animals. My dog takes anxiety meds and they were willing to give him his meds while we were on our trip as well. I actually have our next trip already booked for the end of this year. I highly recommend taking your pets here 10 out of 10 experience with them. My absolute only complaint would be that you can only reach them by phone four specific hours of the day. With that being said, though if you leave a voicemail, they always call you back! I added some of the photos they added to Facebook.

Sugar Plum Fairy

Tracy at Happy Hounds is amazing!! She goes above and beyond!! Happy Hounds staff treat all animals like their own. I have my dog Lily stay there anytime I go away. Great accommodations, grooming offered, and kind staff.
Update: 7 months later and they are still amazing !! Thanks for 15k photo views of my baby ??. I promise they will take great care of your baby as well!

Mario Perez

My dog is always enthusiastic to return to the HHH, and they really take care of your precious baby. 10/10 will go with them again and again.

Steven Enstad

I have used their services a couple of times so far, and let me tell you that coming from an animal lover, they made the first time much more bearable on being away for a while. They do their best to keep you informed and treat your furry family member as one of their own. The rates are reasonable as well. Give them a chance!